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Anti-theft bag

This anti-theft bag is the default password combination is: 0-0-0. when opened,
Push the zipper into the lock. Rotate the discs to a random group to lock them.
To open, rotate the discs to the correct group and press the button to release the zipper
Cloud Tools.
This waterproof shoulder backpack for changing password combination, making sure it
Unlock and then press the button down. Without releasing the button, rotate the dials to
the combination you want. Once done, release the button. You have set a new password
combination for your lock.
After setting up a new set of passwords, you can continue to use the anti-theft crossbody bag
Casual shoulder bag. However, please remember your new password combination.
Size: 31cm x 17cm x 7cm (12.2in x 6.7in x 2.8in).
External USB charging interface, you can charge your mobile phone, just put the power bank
Waterproof Shoulder Backpack This anti-theft bag with removable hook, easy
Use and convenience, adjustable chest buckle, by connecting hook, easy to disassemble, free
Switchable, both shoulders, seamless zipper, high quality alloy material, no tear, backpack
Hand-held thick, hands will not be uncomfortable.
Secret anti-theft pocket
Hidden pocket on the back, so your valuables, like wallet or wallet, can't be stolen
the smartphone.
High quality waterproof material
Water-repellent PU materials in the front, which can prevent rain.

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